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We are a Corporate L&D Enterprise – please refer to our company website for more details -

We are looking for Experienced Trainers or Training companies who can collaborate with us on the below 9 categories of Training Programs we need to design and deliver for some of our existing clients on an urgent basis.

Please select the category which best suits your Training experience and expertise.

CATEGORY – A  - Software Engineering (Bootcamp)

  • Software engineering fundamentals

  • Software development models and methodologies (e.g. SDLC, Waterfall, Agile & Scrum, Sprint)

  • Client/ server concepts and technologies

  • Front end development - APIs and full stack development

CATEGORY – B - Quality Assurance Training Course

  • Software testing fundamentals and software testing life cycle (STLC)

  • Introduction to test automation framework: development and implementation

  • Agile methodologies and Agile testing

  • Testing types including security testing, performance testing, and API Testing

CATEGORY – C - Data Science (Bootcamp)

  •  Data science fundamentals and its applications

  •  Data wrangling, database, machine learning basics and concepts

  •  Data science process and what each step entails

  •  Exploratory data analysis - Classical statistical modelling

  •  Handling big data

CATEGORY – D  -IT Security Fundamentals Training Course

  • Cyber security concepts

  •  Cyber security architecture principles

  •  Cyber security of networks, systems, applications and data -

  • Incident response

  • The security implications of the adoption of emerging technologies

CATEGORY – E - IT Business Analysis Training Course

  •  Business analysis essentials

  •  Requirements development, documentation and management

  •  Business process analysis

  •  Business analysis in Agile projects

  •  Stakeholders management

  • Technical specification development

  •  Planning effective software testing

  •  Change management

CATEGORY – F  -Cloud Computing (Bootcamp)

  •  Cloud computing virtualization technologies

  •  Cloud architecture, deployment and delivery models

  •  Cloud migration and requirements

  •  Cloud solutions development

  •  Cloud solutions implementations

  •  Cloud monitoring and maintenance

  •  Cloud security

CATEGORY – G - Database Administration Training Course

  • Database administration fundamentals

  • Database design and development

  • Database performance monitoring and optimization

  • Data management and configuration in cloud

  • Database backup and recovery - Database maintenance and troubleshooting

CATEGORY – H - UX Training Course

  • UI/ UX fundamentals

  • Visual elements of UI design

  • Web design strategy and information architecture

  • UX design

  • Advanced UX design practices (Storytelling with design)

CATEGORY – I - IT Security Fundamentals - Boot camp

  • Network security fundamentals

  • OS security fundamental (Windows/ *NIX systems)

  • Internet security technologies

  • Cryptography basic and its application

  • Security analytics, intrusion detection and response

  • Security operations and maintenance

  • Security testing and vulnerability assessment

  • Risk, compliance and governance (GRC)

Our terms of engagement and compensation will depend on relevant Training experience, whether you are looking to partner as an organization, a part time Freelance Trainer, a full-time retainer deployment, the shifts you are comfortable with, etc.

We will get back to you with a zoom call appointment for further discussion on our project needs and the terms of our partnership.

Looking forward to a great long-term collaboration.

Best Wishes,

Skillomania's Partnership Management Team WhatsApp @+447551375931


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